Frozen Truck Bodies


We offer temperature controlled body kits for all types of trucks.

Automated – “Frozen/Eutectic” Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty,  Frozen Goods Distribution

General Specifications

  • Floor & Roof Panel Thickness 140mm
  • Roof & Sides Strongly Reinforced to bear Eutectic Plates
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & Container Type Door Locks
  • Multiple, Small Side Doors for Easy Access
  • Door Size 570mm X 1050mm
  • 650mm X 1050mm
  • 650mm X 1250mm
  • 850mm X 1250mm
  • Plastic Mudguards
  • Polyurethene Door Frames Protected with High Impact Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum Frame (light weight) to increase payload

Perfect for Distributing Frozen Product at Critical Temperatures

Frozen_truck_bodies _2

Options & Accessories

  • Motion activated, interior LED lightingAdjustable Shelving
  • Rear Door (Hinged)
  • Closed Rear End
  • Tilting Side Step
  • Guideways for Trolleys
  • Swinging Bulkhead
  • Water Drains With Valve
  • Galvanised Steel Subframe
  • Central Locking
  • Anti-slip Floor
  • Tail Lift
  • Remote Unit
Zero-emission High carbon emissions
Zero-noise operation High level of noise
Low operating cost High operating cost
No fuel or energy required for refrigeration during delivery Runs on vehicle engine or auxilliary engine
No connection to vehicle engine Runs on vehicle engine or auxilliary engine
Minimal maintenance requirements Requires frequent maintenance
Skilled labour not required for maintenance Skilled labour required for maintenance
Merchandise is preserved in case of vehicle failure Vehicle failure may cause product safety issues

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