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Automated can work with you to create custom Truck body solutions

Automated – “Meat Hanging” Isotherm/Refrigerated, Heavy Range (up to 26,000kg GVM)

Perfect for Transporting & Delivering Meat Carcass at Refrigerated Temperatures

General Specifications

  • Floor Panel Thickness - 105/125/145mm
  • Roof Panel Thickness - 105/125mm
  • Side Panel Thickness - 65/75mm
  • Rear Panel Thickness - 73/85mm
  • Front Panel Thickness - 75/85mm
  • Screwed Assembly System
  • Structure Strongly Reinforced to Bear Heavy Loads
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & Door Locks
  • Inner Perimeter Reinforced With Aluminium Profiles
  • Aluminium Kickplates – 8mm Thick
  • Anti-Slip Gel Coat Floor
  • Plastic Mudguards
  • Motion activated, interior LED lighting
  • Hinged Rear Door (2,3, or 4 flaps)

Customised Truck Body Solutions


Options & Accessories

  • Meat Hanging System – Aluminium Rails (Italian, Tubular, or Bi Rail)
  • Single or Double Side Door
  • Integrated Hinges on Rear Frame
  • Pull Down Rear Step
  • Fixed or Movable Divider
  • Water Drain With Valve
  • Cargo/Load Lock Rails
  • Aluminium or Steel Chassis Subframe
  • Aluminium, Waterproof Floor

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